me, be truthin’

me be truthin

As my pen walks across the streets of my notebook,
makin’ my thoughts visible and solid,
stackin’ my papers high, but, what paper,
my paper’s runnin’ low, clouds forming up in the sky,
I watch the smoke outta my mouth floatin’ high,
wind, blowin’ dust in my eye, headphones,
pushin’ noise through my ear, sound that i can’t hear,
dogs barkin’ at my feet, i want to kick ‘em,
make ‘em go away, I don’t want your company,
fuckin’ go away!

But as I look into the future I see darker dayz,
darker than a grave,
they don’t know what’s comin’ to ‘em
so I throw them sumthin’ to eat,
hopin’ they go on better ways, better than I did,
see, I failed my test,
blank pages in my mind tellin’ me to go right,
I always went left, nothing is left now,
I’m 20 years young but I’m 60 years old,
the thrill is gone, the love is gone, even the blues is old.

I feel nothing but the cold, I wanna go inside,
inside of my soul and feel the warmth of the innocent,
the wiseness of the old, the spirit of the young
I wanna see the light and hear the bells
that my brothers be ringin’ locked up in they’ cells,
lookin’ for reasons to live.

I’m locked up in myself, moving forward to the past
coz’ I’m stuck in it, my ancestors lookin’ down on me,
they be hatin’, takin’ my kindness for stupidity, naivety,
see my sensibility for weakness, as if it’s a bad thing
that’s why I keep quiet most of the time,
and don’t show ‘em to those that deserve to see ‘em,

instead I hide the truth behind the hand that’s holding the pen.

Mike out!

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